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10:05am 03/08/2006
  Can you believe these? Never touch your baby again!  
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01:56pm 18/06/2006
  Mamarevolution.com was started in early winter 2004 by four young mamas who needed a place where they belonged. Too young and alternative for babycenter and too old for the teen based online communities, they struck out to make a home for mamas who just didn’t fit in anywhere else. After a few nights of brainstorming and women sharing their talents, Mamarevolution.com was born.

Mamarevolution is a pro-choice, feminist community who seeks to support, encourage and educate young women and mothers from all backgrounds and cultures. Our goal is to provide the community and support that is so desperately needed as we fight for our rights as parents and women, and to defeat the social stereotypes that surround young or alternative parents.

While we promote breastfeeding and natural parenting, we recognize that each family is unique and has their own set of needs and customs. We respect and support all families and their allies in their quest to raise strong, positive and socially conscious children.
Stop Domestic Abuse 
02:28am 30/03/2005
  First, I would like to apologize for disabling comments. The reason is that this banner links back to the entry where this banner originated, and there is a long essay there about my views on corporal punishment and child abuse, and I'd like to keep all discussion, comments, and questions in one place. Please understand that I do NOT consider corporal punishment and child abuse equivalent. But you can read about that in my journal, and comment there, too.

The main message I am spreading is this: Domestic violence goes on far too much unchecked. "Corporal punishment", quite often (although not always, obviously), are simply words used to disguise domestic violence. Please. Let's put a stop to this. The home should be a safe place. And spread the word.

Loving is not hurting.

crossposted everywhere.
breastfeeding waffles anyone? 
05:37pm 15/03/2005
  i keep waffling, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

this last two weeks i seriously tried to wean boo. we were down to 5/6 times a day and i got him down to 3 times, and then tried to quit.

i am an evil evil bitch.

i am sticking at 2/3 times a day, no less, maybe more. he was HEARTBROKEN.

how often do you guys nurse your toddlers? boo is 19 months.

i think i got nervous because i plan to ttc in the next year, i really need to "come to terms" with tandem/nursing though pregnancy. i got so depressed. i am MUCH happier now that i'mnot tryign to pry him forcefully off the boob anymore.
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09:58am 06/03/2005
  there is a LJ user named rapehamstor who has been friending random people. I, and babyslime are a few of those. Also alot of mothers I recognize from boobnazis, and some other parenting communities. here is an example of his work. please read all the comments.


if he has friended you, REPORT HIM RIGHT NOW. well, first ask him to remove you, and when he doesnt, and he replies with a rape comment, then report him, because then its abuse.

please make sure all your pics are locked, he is using people's pics and posting that as "rapeable" or not.

also, for the baby communityies I am in that this is x posted into, I think we need to make all posts friends only, so he doesnt get ahold of any of our baby pictures.
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Just curious 
11:35am 12/02/2005
  I just joined this community because I found it appealing that I might be able to hook up with folks who were trying to buck the mainstream, but might not be taking this or that philosophy to it's extreme. I came from a VERY traditional background and am trying to venture into more conscious, environmental, etc. type lifestyle for my kids... keeping in mind that I am married to an even more traditional (not conservative, traditional) husband. So anyway, I liked the language on the info page, but the monkey feeding the baby thing seems to be against this philosophy. Is this community ok with people's choices as long as they choose to breastfeed? It just seemed incongruous.  
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shitty mom day 
01:35pm 09/02/2005
  well... today was an ok so far until just recently. my hubby got up with boo, played with him and fed him. like has been the case recently he forgot to chneg his diaper right away. ugh. so.. yeah.

my reason for the post was is that i am a shitty mom. i was in the bedroom with boo, he was playing and i was knitting. we were singing songs and being mellow. i was tryingto wind him down for his nap. he smacked me int eh spine with hsi phone. i said no! owie! and slapped (lightly, more symbolic than anything) his hands and took the phone away. not five minutes later... THWAP! phone in the spine, again. so i smacked him on the head.

i've done that a few times when he's hurt me. i don't know why! i think maybe it's from having a rambunctious puppy. he didn't cry, he just looked at my surprised and hurt. i feel so shitty. i feel like i need to be taken out and beaten. i suck.

he hit me with the phone to get my attention, i know that.

it's times like this i really wonder at why i had one baby, let alone am contemplating two.

i've been really stressed out lately at work and with my mom, and have been able to control my self really weel. oh all people to lose it with. ugh, ugh, ugh. next time i argue wioth someone i will nto hold back. i don't want boo to get th3 brunt of my frustrations.
Julianne Moore in Ladies Home Journal 
10:56am 30/01/2005
  I was at my mom's and stole her LHJ so I could quote this:


Somehow, it's heartening to learn that while Julianne Moore can command millions of dollars per movie, she could not get her son to sleep in his own bed.

"Cal slept with us until he was 4 1/2," the 43 year old Moore says, here eyes widening in that maternal "what you gonna do" look.
"At first, sleeping in the same bed was just easier for breast-feeding[sic] and stuff," Moore, not privy to my private musings, continues. "But then Cal got big and then Liv was born and I thought, This is going to be a nightmare... that's a lot of people. So there came a point when my husband said to me, 'Either you teach this kid to sleep through the night, or we get a bigger bed'. And 10 minutes later we were in a car going downtown to buy a really big bed," Moore says, grinning. ...


What I want to know is, what were the interviewer's "private musings"?
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01:23pm 27/11/2004
  Yoiks! Check out this message board, topic is spanking. Some of these moms are really fucked up.  
12:03pm 22/10/2004
  So I babysit a 3 yo who INSISTS on picking up Kaylans new kitten by the neck and dragging him around. I'm realy afraid he's going to get hurt. I've tried igving her a stern *NO* and then putting her in time-out for 3 minutes whenever she does it. Then she just screams for the whole 3 minutes and does it again! So she's spent most of today in time out screaming. What can I do to possibly get her start? Do you think being persistant with this will help?  
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Leche con bebe 
03:47pm 14/10/2004
mood: full
I personally think that cows milk is weird. But that doesn't mean that I have to push that view on my son who's 1 year old and boobiefied.

He's eating some food throughout the day, has yet to master the sippy cup, but will drink out of a cup if I am.
I am wondering, at what age did you all with older babes, start giving them cows milk.

Does anyone give thier babe rice milk [my fave] or soy milk?
How much? How often? Do they actually NEED it?


boob_nazis parenting101 faultparent
02:14pm 02/10/2004
  my 14 months old refuses to sit in a bath. for the last 3 weeks we shower in the mornings togther after breakfast. this works great for us. i put down a bath mat and he plays in the tub as i shower. he loves to be picked up and held in the spray.

weird baby.
06:23pm 01/10/2004
mood: cheerful
I took a walk with my 11.5 month DS in the Maya wrap today. We passed a couple of 8-10 yr-old boys, so we waved at them. One said "aw, how cute" and the other "cool! it's like a shirt!" about my sling. I held out both my hands and said "neat, huh?" "Yeah!" they replied.

I love it when boys notice babies, but they usually don't notice the sling.
09:54pm 26/09/2004
  Crying it out for God.
I can't believe people like this exist. What the hell is WRONG WITH THEM???
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drug use 
11:16pm 25/09/2004
  my mother smokes pot. she SHOULDN'T. (and not because i think pot is evil, she's on meds for various reasons and they interact).

i recently moved back in with my mom to save money.. and i made her swear not to smoke up anymore with the baby in the house. it's really important to me. and my husband. my husband would have a freaking FIT if he knew.

we're in no position to move. we have $200 and don't get paid again for 3 weeks. my hubby would want to move right away. our living here is already precarious (i won't bore you with details).

she smokes in her room, and at night when boo is asleep. i've suspected she's been doing it since we moved in, but i caught her at it tonight.

is is better to live here with this, than to deal with living in a motel?

edit: i ended up talking it out with my hubbby. we are unhappy. but staying. gack.
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04:20pm 22/09/2004
  ok, a little background. My husband and I do child care for an almost 3 year old girl. Her parents are currently in a custody battle, so they both give her whatever she wants, and I seriously doubt they've ever told her no.. She had some health problems at birth, so they also babied her because of these. She's almost 3 and her father *who has custody of ehr right now* hasn't even thought of starting to potty train. But anyways. I have an almost 4 month old daughter.. who Kassie *3* HITS constantly... i was letting Kassie play with plastic spoons the other day, and she walked up to kaylan and i told her to not hit the baby, and then *BAM* right onto her head Luckily Kaylans tough and brushed it off.. but she'll also do this while Kay's asleep, or she'll steal her socks or her paci or hats.. How do I get her to stop this? I know she knows she's not suppose to.. Also, we have to hide her diaper bag from her, and my purse and Kays diaper bag, because she lieks taking everything out and opening it.. she's also started wearing training pants *although they aren't potty training her* and she likes ripping them so that they are useless. IF she sees me put them up, or sees them somewhere she can't reach, she starts screaming crying.. normally at around 5:30 am, when Kays sleeping soundly.. She does this frequently whenever we tell her "don't touch" or "stay back" What can i do. I've tried distracting her and she'll just scream at me and tell me NO! SHe seems to just cry louder and longer when i put her in the corner, and if i just let her cry then she just does it again.. I'm going to lose my mind  
That's a nice sensory deprivation device ya got there! 
12:49pm 15/09/2004
  If babies were meant to be put in strollers, God would have made them with wheels on their bums and handles sticking out their backs. And they would fall off when they are outgrown, like a tail on a tadpole.  
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09:34am 21/08/2004

I noticed that my son had a bit of diaper rash yesterday, so it was clothies half day and a lot of running around without a diaper on, I've been slathering his butt with Weleda diaper cream. I noticed the little red bumps on his kness, which he's had before, I figured it was from crawing around on the floor without pants on. So today I look at him and he's got ALL this on him! Collapse )

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Help Help Help 
07:55am 28/07/2004
mood: crappy
What can I do to get a 2 1/2 yo from stealing my daughters pacifiers and bottles??? My husband is watching his co-workers daughter. She is actually taking the pacifiers out of Kaylans mouth!!! She then goes into the nursery and sucks in private.. she knows she's not suppose to be doing it, Thats why she's hiding.. its just so frusterating!!!! AHHHHHH
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