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ok, a little background. My husband and I do child care for an almost 3 year old girl. Her parents are currently in a custody battle, so they both give her whatever she wants, and I seriously doubt they've ever told her no.. She had some health problems at birth, so they also babied her because of these. She's almost 3 and her father *who has custody of ehr right now* hasn't even thought of starting to potty train. But anyways. I have an almost 4 month old daughter.. who Kassie *3* HITS constantly... i was letting Kassie play with plastic spoons the other day, and she walked up to kaylan and i told her to not hit the baby, and then *BAM* right onto her head Luckily Kaylans tough and brushed it off.. but she'll also do this while Kay's asleep, or she'll steal her socks or her paci or hats.. How do I get her to stop this? I know she knows she's not suppose to.. Also, we have to hide her diaper bag from her, and my purse and Kays diaper bag, because she lieks taking everything out and opening it.. she's also started wearing training pants *although they aren't potty training her* and she likes ripping them so that they are useless. IF she sees me put them up, or sees them somewhere she can't reach, she starts screaming crying.. normally at around 5:30 am, when Kays sleeping soundly.. She does this frequently whenever we tell her "don't touch" or "stay back" What can i do. I've tried distracting her and she'll just scream at me and tell me NO! SHe seems to just cry louder and longer when i put her in the corner, and if i just let her cry then she just does it again.. I'm going to lose my mind
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