cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation (sairyuu) wrote in faultparent,
cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation

drug use

my mother smokes pot. she SHOULDN'T. (and not because i think pot is evil, she's on meds for various reasons and they interact).

i recently moved back in with my mom to save money.. and i made her swear not to smoke up anymore with the baby in the house. it's really important to me. and my husband. my husband would have a freaking FIT if he knew.

we're in no position to move. we have $200 and don't get paid again for 3 weeks. my hubby would want to move right away. our living here is already precarious (i won't bore you with details).

she smokes in her room, and at night when boo is asleep. i've suspected she's been doing it since we moved in, but i caught her at it tonight.

is is better to live here with this, than to deal with living in a motel?

edit: i ended up talking it out with my hubbby. we are unhappy. but staying. gack.
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