joy. (joy_disaster) wrote in faultparent,

Julianne Moore in Ladies Home Journal

I was at my mom's and stole her LHJ so I could quote this:


Somehow, it's heartening to learn that while Julianne Moore can command millions of dollars per movie, she could not get her son to sleep in his own bed.

"Cal slept with us until he was 4 1/2," the 43 year old Moore says, here eyes widening in that maternal "what you gonna do" look.
"At first, sleeping in the same bed was just easier for breast-feeding[sic] and stuff," Moore, not privy to my private musings, continues. "But then Cal got big and then Liv was born and I thought, This is going to be a nightmare... that's a lot of people. So there came a point when my husband said to me, 'Either you teach this kid to sleep through the night, or we get a bigger bed'. And 10 minutes later we were in a car going downtown to buy a really big bed," Moore says, grinning. ...


What I want to know is, what were the interviewer's "private musings"?
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