Sushi's Lover (housepoet) wrote in faultparent,
Sushi's Lover


I noticed that my son had a bit of diaper rash yesterday, so it was clothies half day and a lot of running around without a diaper on, I've been slathering his butt with Weleda diaper cream. I noticed the little red bumps on his kness, which he's had before, I figured it was from crawing around on the floor without pants on. So today I look at him and

Left knee, now these bumps have been here for a while, they've never been red before though and he's only had maybe two or three if I let him crawl on the floor without pants on.

and on his poor little hands and feet too! =\


He's breastfed, and this week he had homemade refriend beans, and apples with Raspberries. I think the raspberries might have something to do with this? Also last night he had spaghetti with tomato sauce. I've vacuumed, so the floor is clean. And his diaper rash looks a LOT like these red bumps, they are blister like.

WHAT THE HECK COULD THIS BE? And what should I do to treat it?
I'm not giving him any food other then boob for the next few days to see if it clears up.
I haven't been eating anything weird either. Same ole same ole.

my poor baby!

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