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Where good mommies come to play

Take the Fault out of Alt
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This community was formed in response to the horrible advice and parenting often perpetrated in altparent.

All parents are welcome here, including, but not limited to:

*Parents who have formula fed, circumcized, used CIO or spanked and now know better
*Parents of any social label
*People with no kids
*Pregnant women
*Moms who work outside of the home

You don't have to cloth diaper, co-sleep, make your own baby food, or delay vaccinations to join. But you do have to act in the best interest of your child in your daily parenting choices!

Community Posting Rules
lj-cut long entries
No spam, no advertising, no FWD's or quizzes

Giving harmful advice or suggestions will not be permitted on this board. The following will get you banned by IP:
* Advising someone to spank, slap hands, or 'flick' a child of any age.
* Advocating the use of infant formula to a woman with fully functioning breasts (even if your kid turned out 'fine')
* Suggesting someone let their baby 'cry it out' or use any Babywise techniques for nighttime or naptime parenting (even if it 'worked' for your kid)
* "Poor-me-I-didn't-breastfeed-and-now-noone-likes-me" posts or comments

Even a monkey can give a baby formula...

But only YOU can breastfeed!