cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation (sairyuu) wrote in faultparent,
cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation

breastfeeding waffles anyone?

i keep waffling, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

this last two weeks i seriously tried to wean boo. we were down to 5/6 times a day and i got him down to 3 times, and then tried to quit.

i am an evil evil bitch.

i am sticking at 2/3 times a day, no less, maybe more. he was HEARTBROKEN.

how often do you guys nurse your toddlers? boo is 19 months.

i think i got nervous because i plan to ttc in the next year, i really need to "come to terms" with tandem/nursing though pregnancy. i got so depressed. i am MUCH happier now that i'mnot tryign to pry him forcefully off the boob anymore.
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have you read the natural child? it really altered my ideas about child spacing, stressing the importance of 3 year spacing in order to not breed problems. another benefit to 3 year spacing would be tandem nursing would be easier, and maybe the toddler would have weaned themself by then.

echo is 24 months old now, and nurses *usually* 3-6 times a day, for varying lengths of time. some days i'm gone most of the day and she nurses only twice, and seems unaffected. i'm sure she'd flip if i tried weaning though!
hmm, i'll look into that book.
before i read it, i was *all about* getting pregnant a/s/a/p. since i read it, i notice more and more families with closely spaced problematic kids :O
Aiden is 18 months on the 24th and he nurses 3-8 times a day depending on what we are doing.

If I am readily avaliable for him, i.e sitting on my ass on the puter, he comes and nurses like I am an all night buffet. However, if we are out and about, then he nurses like twice during the day and that's it.
Sean is 15 months as you know :-P and he nurses about 3-6 times a day. But it all depends if we spend all day inside or if we go out.