cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation (sairyuu) wrote in faultparent,
cruelty, meaninglessness and manipulation

breastfeeding waffles anyone?

i keep waffling, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

this last two weeks i seriously tried to wean boo. we were down to 5/6 times a day and i got him down to 3 times, and then tried to quit.

i am an evil evil bitch.

i am sticking at 2/3 times a day, no less, maybe more. he was HEARTBROKEN.

how often do you guys nurse your toddlers? boo is 19 months.

i think i got nervous because i plan to ttc in the next year, i really need to "come to terms" with tandem/nursing though pregnancy. i got so depressed. i am MUCH happier now that i'mnot tryign to pry him forcefully off the boob anymore.
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